Medical Innovation Holding, Inc. (stock symbol MIHI) is in the business of delivering a nationwide, state-by-state, multidisciplinary medical specialist provider network. We bring top-quality medical care to underserved areas. We bring equality to patients regardless of their location. We shine light where there is darkness by providing better outcomes to everyone we serve.

In 1962, the television cartoon family The Jettsons introduced the world to the impact that computers and advanced communications could have on our lives. The Jettsons were the harbingers of a world in which services, especially medical services, could be delivered directly from a place of convenience, such as your home. Unfortunately, even with the advancements in communications and computer technology of today, many people do not have access to basic health services, let alone specialty care. That is where Medical Innovation Holding, Inc. comes in.

MIHI is dedicated to shining lighting into the pockets of darkness designated as Medically Underserved Areas (MUAs) by the U.S. government. When upwards of 80 million Americans don’t have access to quality medical care, something needs to be done. MIHI has developed the technology to deliver class-leading health care to MUAs because, to MIHI, being healthy means being free.

MIHI is a publicly traded company with strategic holdings in telemedicine, remote diagnostics, health care services, medical device development, and patient services. We set our sights on no less lofty of a goal that brining quality medical care to everyone in the country while simultaneously reducing the costs of accessing health care. We do that through our subsidiaries, 3PointCare and BKare, as well as through a tactical partnership with telemedicine provider TeleLifeMD, which maintains a roster of specialty health care practitioners.

Medical Innovation Holding, Inc. doesn’t just deliver quality health care to the masses though, it provides health care practitioners with the tools and data they need to analyze and optimize their own care giving. By developing software and professional services that make it possible for physicians to track outcome measures, balance measures, and process measures, MIHI is making it easier for doctors to fulfill their commitment to their patients.

By enabling our partners to understand the value of the care they deliver and track outcome measures like mortality, readmission rates, and surgical site infection rates, MIHI makes it possible for care providers to leverage data that can give them insight into their patient’s health. At MIHI, better outcomes matter.

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